Family CR-V
Daily Driver Owned by Oil Burner Chris

  1. she's looking good Chris :Smile:
  2. Sounds like she's been looked after. Just stay on top of those oil changes. The i-CTDi bites back if you neglect them.
    She should have many more years/miles in her.
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  3. I've only owned the car for about 4 weeks, previously it was owned by my inlaws They've bought another CR-V to replace this one, so I'm the second owner. I've just washed and polished it hence why its looking clean! It has a full Honda service history and has only done 49K miles. I'm still getting used to driving it, as its a little different to my old car a Ford Mondeo! I love the CR-V and I'm sure it will make a great family car. I'll use it in the summer for towing a trailer tent around the UK, which I'm sure it will do with ease.
  4. She looks in great condition. Please tell us more.
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