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  • Collected today. Love that new car smell. Had 3 miles on when I got it. Dealer idled it for 30 mins whilst he did the handover. Drove 80 miles home and still averaged 53 mpg. Got to wonder what it will do when run in. Bit of a change from the 30 mpg I got from my old petrol auto on the way to collect. Impressive and comfy as the new car is I will miss my old bus. She looked after me and mine and never let me down. Bet the new one loses more than £800 in 2 years . Hope to have the same affection for the new arrival.
  1. Looks beautiful in white.
  2. :congratulations:

    Great to see that you bought the right colour too...:Grin:
  3. Thanks Guys
  4. bought this car recently too!! have you had any problems with the tire pressure warning system?!?!!? or know of anyone that has?
    1. Lango Avatar
      No problems as yet. Understand you have to re set it every time you inflate the tyres
      Lango, Friday 8th Jul, 2016
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