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  • I have a 2002 CR-V 2.0 SE Sport Auto with no mods. It is my personal transport to get me about the beautiful Dumfries & Galloway countryside and the more in accessible parts of Scotland and the UK. I am a photographer.
  1. We have completed a 5 night camping trip to the Scottish Highlands, Fort William, Inverness then home to Kirkcudbright. The Awning worked well, quite roomy, as the weather was glorious sun every day we were able to cook outside. The CR-V never gave a hiccup! So easy and relaxing to cruise around in, marvellous vehicle, I would only want to replace it with a newer model with a diesel engine. I was surprised and disappointed to learn that the new models no longer come with the picnic table! Blessed motoring, Col.
  2. Well I have finally had the oil service with an engine flush first, I added Slik 50 before refilling with 5-40W oil. Hurrah! The noisy timing chain has been subdued to almost silence which is tremendous. The air filter was minging so that has been replaced, I'm now looking forward to see if the fuel consumption has improved. Happy Easter!!
  3. I have recently bought an awning/tent to fit the rear of my CR-V :Smile:. It is about 7' 6" in length. We haven't used it 'anger' yet but have a trip planned at the end of Sept this year. I am hoping this will enable overnight stops in unusual places for my photography. Pictures in my gallery :Smile:.
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  4. I have owned my CR-V for about 3 months now.I am very impressed with the power of the engine and the road handling/comfort. The only thing that lets it down is the timing chain and tensioner problem, it rattles and sounds like worn tappets. I have had the tappets set by the dealer who said the timing chain/tensioner wear is an unfortunately an unavoidable design fault. I am hoping that cleaning the engine with Wynns and adding Slik50 to the next oil change will help matters. Failing that I suppose a new timing chain will be needed.

    Otherwise this is an excellent vehicle.
  5. A CR-V for your neck of the woods is just right.
    Please post more photographs.
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