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  • Our first CR-V. Hope it is as good and reliable as our previous RAV4.
    Standard 1.6 I-dtec 160ps auto awd in EX trim.
    Mud flaps and side protectors.
    Soon to have a Brink detachable with full 13 pin electrics (sorry folks yes a shed puller ☺).

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  1. A bit of an update regarding towing with the 1.6 idetc. My brother also has one and has just completed his first tow with it. He said it's as good, if not better, than his previous 2.2 idetc so that's encouraging. His van is a Lunar quasar 544 which is slightly heavier than my Lunar clubman CK..
    I've just done a 4 hour round trip without the van, and must say the 1.6 is more than responsive, and handled extrermly well. Mixed A and B road and traffic queing driving returned 44.5 mpg so happy with that 3 up. First tow next week! (ps mpg in eco mode)
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  2. I don't think I've seen a CR-V in that colour - solid red rather than metallic? Somehow it just looks different in the 'photos to others on here.

    Nice though...:likeit:
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    1. Hatter Avatar
      It must be the light on it as it is passion red pearl. It does change in diffetent light.
      Hatter, Friday 19th Aug, 2016
  3. Nice motor - like colour !! BTW Nothing wrong with "shed pullers" - As I am one :jumpup:
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  4. How have you found the 1600 as a tow car please? I've just bought the EX model after two 2.2 idetc models. Hope to take the van away next week but would welcome your findings
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      Also, remember to get latest RC6 update (dealer only) for Connect Infotainment. Sorts a lot of issues out.
      Hatter, Sunday 7th May, 2017
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      Notice you have the manual. Mate has one and says it pulls just as well as his old 2.2. Quieter and smoother.
      Sorry in bits but can only do 500 characters at a time.
      Hatter, Sunday 7th May, 2017
    4. Top Brass Avatar
      Hi hatter thanks for the updates and sorry for delay in reply but only just found my way around this website. Snap regards the colour. I see you are a "Fire Chief" as well
      Top Brass, Friday 12th May, 2017
  5. Hi hatter,
    Also a shed puller and a Robinson's special edition too ultima 544 at 1350kg. I am interested at how the 1.6 tows as I have the 2.2 ex and that is an effortless tow car.
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    2. Hatter Avatar
      Finally ....
      Do you like your van? We have the Ultima 470. Like the van but a few warranty issues. At least Robinsons have a good relationship with Lunar so stuff gets done - eventually.
      Hatter, Monday 7th Nov, 2016
    3. crv2014ex Avatar
      Love the fix bed, large end bathroom in the 544 and the overall space for the two of us and the two cavaliers.
      Need to make a decision next year either to hang onto the 2.2ex or go for a new 1.6ex. To be honest the crap Garmin satnav puts me off as I have the Honda satnav in the 2.2. Might not be the prettiest system but it works faultlessly.
      crv2014ex, Monday 7th Nov, 2016
    4. crv2014ex Avatar
      Get about 23mpg towing from Chesterfield to St austell. That said caravan packed to rafters, large Isabella awning at 60kg and more bits and bobs to sink a battleship. Wife doesn't do travelling light or understand Miro weight. 6th is pretty much useless at legal limit though cruises effortless "slightly" above if you know what I mean.
      crv2014ex, Monday 7th Nov, 2016
  6. Hi
    We have a Lunar Ultima 470 2015 model (one of the last made as it has now been dropped as the Lexon 470 it was based on is no longer made). It is a Robinson's dealer special (Chesterfield dealer). It is nearly a Clubman spec.
    What do you haul?
    1. musicman580 Avatar
      Hi Peter
      I have a Sterling Eccles SE Ruby 2013 ! It sqlite a nice unit with the fixed bed, aide heating, solar panel etc. Whereabouts do you tend to go ??
      musicman580, Thursday 18th Aug, 2016
    2. Hatter Avatar
      Hi, We tend to use CC sites mainly. If we get the miles on the CR-V we are due to go to Broadway on 2 Sept for a week.
      Recently been to Blaydon Chains (Oxford), Chester (Fairboaks), Troutbeck Head, Sandringham.
      We had the Clubman SE (2011) before the present one. Similar layout to yours. Looked at the Ruby but the offer on the Clubman was too good to refuse.
      Hatter, Thursday 18th Aug, 2016
  7. Hi What sort of "shed" do you have?
  8. Could a mod please help as I've managed to upload two of each image. Tried to edit it myself but failed . Thanks. Peter