Daily Driver Owned by MattBeardless

  • My daily driver, 2.2 i-DTEC bought from a guy in Dumfries, less than 2 miles away from H-Tune's original unit.

    130 miles a day warrants something big, quiet and comfy.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Engine and Gearbox:
    Remapped by Durham Remaps - 191hp/300lbft
    N22B2 (Type-S) Clutch (LuK Flywheel) - Replaced October 2019.

    BC Racing Coilovers - BR Series, Type-Rs, Standard Spring Rates.
    FN2 Civic Type-R Alloy Wheels (225/40 R18 XL Maxxis Tyres)

    200 lumen LED Front Sidelight Bulbs
    1600 lumen Nighthawk HB3 LED Main Beam Bulbs
    150 lumen LED Numberplate Lamp Bulbs

    Optional Extras...
    -Heated Seats
    -Accord Door Jam Trims
    -Premium Audio Pack
    -Advanced Navigation Pack
    -Headlight Washers (Apparently Optional?)

    Service History & Related Threads

    Full Dealer Service History to 79k from various dealers in Scotland.

    23/08/2019 - Headlights cut back and re-sealed (clouded, as per usual).
    05/10/2019 - LED Front Sidelights Fitted
    09/10/2019 - DMF+Type-S Clutch Replaced October 2019, MTF-3 Changed whilst the box was off too.
    09/10/2019 - Oil Change @ 93k (Genuine Honda Filter, 0w30 F/S)
    14/10/2019 - Genuine Honda Track Rod End (N/S) - Thread stripped on the original when refitting the subframe.
    22/10/2019 - 2017-2018 Sat-Nav DVD Update, it finally knows more than 3 postcodes!
    23/10/2019 - (My Birthday!) Nighthawk HB3 Headlights Fitted
    23/10/2019 - LED Number Plate Lights Fitted
  1. What did you use to seal them with, clear coat or another substance?
    Mine are looking a bit frosty now as well.
    1. MattBeardless Avatar
      Great question, I believe it was a GTechniq product. Possibly C4? I can't say I know enough to tell you.
      MattBeardless, Sunday 25th Aug, 2019
  2. Nice one, they do look good in black even if they are hard to keep that colour!
    I bet your commute is much nicer now!
      Matt at H-Tune likes this.
    1. MattBeardless Avatar
      Bar the fact the clutch isn't too happy (RIP £800+ for a replacement DMF and Clutch), it's mega.

      It's certainly begging for a Type-S clutch though.
      MattBeardless, Monday 12th Aug, 2019