Weekend Toy Owned by Kageb

  1. Wow this is a real gem :clap:
  2. You've done a great job. I'm not sure what colors this generation came in, did you pick the color or is it original paint?
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  3. Helló és üdvözlet. Great to see another G1 Prelude on the forum, unusual colour, any pictures of the interior? It looks a bit unusual too. :Smile:
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    1. Kageb Avatar
      Hello and thx, really great to see other G1-s :Smile:
      It's an early 79-er, from '92 in Hungary with this colour and interior. I've found her in bad conditions 10 years ago. Now she feels better, I think :Smile:
      I'll make more pics...
      Kageb, Wednesday 25th May, 2016
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