Ej9 build
Weekend Toy Owned by Baggedcivic99

  • I’ve had my Civic for two years now, building it as I can afford the parts for it, it was my daily driver for a year and a half and then I bought a van to daily about which I have found very handy to have around.

    Still have a lot of things to do to the car to have it the way I want it, but need some help and tips as I’m not quite sure what to get or how to do it as I do 90% of my work to the car by myself as i like to learn and actually do the things with some guidence from others.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Interior mods:

    Red recaros
    DC2 back seats
    DC2 in tegra Type-R steering wheel
    DC2 seat rails
    Short shifter
    Arm Rest
    Alpine front door speakers
    Phoenix gold sub/amp
    Rear pioneer speakers
    pioneer CD player
    aftermarket gear nob

    Exterior mods:

    Type-R front/rear lip
    Type-R spoiler
    Skunk 2 Pro Series Plus Camber arms
    Lower control arms
    Beaks lower tie bar
    front and back strut brace (recently sprayed)
    Full stainless steel power flow exhaust
    4-2-1 manifold
    Rota torques
    Air Lift Performance 3H kit
    Type-R head lights
    Team heko wind deflectors
    Skunk2 aerial delete blanking plate
    Smoothed front bumper
    ek9 front grill

    Service History & Related Threads

    Rear arches replaced (2013)
    Clutch slave cylinder (replaced in December 2016)
    front bumper/lip resprayed (January 2017)
    rear bumper/lip plastiweld/respray (January 2017)
    passenger side front wing rust removal/treated/resprayed (January 2017)
    timing belt kit (February 2017)
    drop links (May 2017)
    strut top bearings (October 2017)
    full rust removal (March 2018)
    Front and rear break pads replaced (May 2018)
    Oil and filter change (May 2018)
    Front upper camber arms replaced (September 2018)
    Left and right CV joints replaced ( September 2018)
    Front lower ball joints replaced (October 2018)
    Spark plugs (December 2018)
    HT Leads (December 2018)
    Rotar arm (January 2019)
    Distributor cap (January 2019)
    Coil pack (January 2019)
    Tail light gasket (L/R) (January 2019)
    Head skimmed and valves done (May 2019)(BHP Engineering)
    Timing belt (June 2019)
    Water pump (June 2019)
    Head gasket (June 2019)
    Exhaust inlet/outlet gasket (June 2019)
    Oil filter and oil (June 2019)
    New coolant (June 2019)