EG Marlin
Daily Driver Owned by dslopees

  • This is my little EG 1.3 carb with 139k miles (I know right? it's a lot!), it's currently my daily driver but the plan to the future is to be my Track/Weekend toy, but I want it to be a good Honda exemplar! A lot of plans coming to 2019 but I will keep you updated when I put hands to work!

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    This is were the fun starts! :Smile: Below is my list of modifications so far:

    • Genuine Honda Aerial Removal Cover (H-TUNE)
    • USDM blinkers MOD
    • 6000K HID Headlight

    • EG5 Clock
    • DC2 Red Recaros
    • EG Cup Holder (Genuine Honda Factory Extra)
    • Skunk2 Gear Knob

    • Hardrace Lower Control Arms (H-TUNE)
    • Hardrace Rear Camber Kits (H-TUNE)
    • Hardrace Front Camber Kits (H-TUNE)
    • Hardrace Tie-Rod Ends (H-TUNE)
    • BC Racing BR-Series, custom spring rate to suit my needs 10k Front and 6k Rear (H-TUNE)


    • Summer/Track
      • Konig Hypergram Matt Grey 15" 7,5J ET35
      • Nankang NS-2R 205/50 R15
    • Winter
      • Stock Wheels
      • Dunlop Winter Tyres 175/70 R13

    • Stock but news coming soon :excited:

    • Stock but news coming soon!

    Service History & Related Threads

    • I will share everything that I have done so far soon, and then keep this section updated!
  1. Whats the new then? :Grin: k24 going in?
      dslopees likes this.
    1. dslopees Avatar
      haha that would be cool but I decided to go with a B series, it's been taking a while because I needed to gather a lot of parts to make sure everything goes smooth. I will be doing the swap in 1 week from now and I will update the Project and doing some guides as well!
      dslopees, Sunday 7th Apr, 2019
  2. Lovely little EG that and I look forward to seeing the forthcoming updates :nodding:

    How do you rate the NS2Rs buddy? I've always been very tempted by them but put off by the poor wet grip ratings they get for my Accord but I'm thinking of chucking a set on my Celica shortly which is my daily and occasional track car which cost a few hundred so not fussed if did get a lil banged up :Smile:
    1. dslopees Avatar
      Thank you @K24 CL9 GUY, just updated the Project Log with all the mods done so far!

      I've done about 2k miles and they are like new, I really enjoy the grip they have on dry weather, I never had semi-slick in my life and so far top-notch!
      I already drive them in the rain and I don't have anything bad to say. I even tried to do a corner a little bit faster that normal in the rain and they hook well to the road!
      For the price they cost you should definitely give it a try!
      dslopees, Thursday 3rd Jan, 2019
    2. Guy at H-Tune Avatar
      Great to hear thanks man
      Guy at H-Tune, Thursday 3rd Jan, 2019
  3. I like it, love the colour and the blinker mod makes a huge difference i think.
    1. dslopees Avatar
      Thank you @DrSam, I agree it gives so much character!
      dslopees, Thursday 3rd Jan, 2019