ED9 CR-X 1.6-16V
Weekend Toy Owned by i-DSI

  • Full original.
    Except: Remus end muffler. And oh yes, there's BBS 15" with 195 tyres underneath. Correction: Borbet 15'' wheels!
    Very important: all rust has been taken care of by previous owner. Not a single spot of rust, nowhere at all. That's the main reason why I bought this one.
    Even original intake, steering wheel...
    What's not good: oil sweating from the valve cover, tyres need to be changed (not profile but age and type), water leaking in the trunk (probably roof).
    And roof not working. You can hear motor do its best, but the roof is stuck. Owner says it needs to be greased every two weeks to keep it in working order ?

    Service History & Related Threads

    14 May 2018: just bought this car today. Don't own it yet. Will be delivered within a 2 weeks time span.
    June 1st: seller contacted me. He went to technical inspecation (mandatory when selling a car in Belgium): failed!! And you know why: 1 bulb of the rear lights did not work and the guy had no spares with him. My patience is stretched to its limits :Frown:
    11 June 2018: finally she's with me!! Dirty, roof still not working, begging for some TLC....
    14 June 2018: cleaned the exterior, windows, dashboard, wheels, etc... and made Youtubemovi showing a quick walk around.
  1. mate nice CR-X just watched the vid :Wink::Hey:….
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  2. Some delay. Seller did nog had the time yet to bring the CR-X to technical inspection. Don't bother that much. I have two other, wonderfull cars :Wink:
  3. It will be great to see what AND how you return her to her former glory.
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  4. Love it love it.. Nice winter project to mint up.
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