Eck's Accord ES GT
Previously Owned Owned by Eck

  • I have been an owner of many Hondas, 13 I think ranging from a Logo to a Accord Coupe. Current car bought Sept 2011 is an Accord 2litre ES GT.
    Accord now sold.
  1. Nice ramps, they are like my ones that I made myself, the front part of mine is adjustable height.

    Nice car too BTW
  2. Thank you :Hey: , nice looking ramps buddy.
  3. Will do shortly
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  4. @Eck can you please put a picture of this car in the garage . I know you have sold it it just upsets the garage and your signature. if you can't find any pictures we will delete the garage entry.

    Please don't remove pictures in future even if you don't have the car.
  5. Yup, I like that colour on an Accord
  6. Liking the colour a lot.