Dutch: Honda accord Type-s
Daily Driver Owned by Honda-nl-cl9

  • I am Patrick from Netherlands and am in the process of the finest type of car on earth. I bought the car quite standard for an importer in Netherlands.
    I chose an English car because it was cheaper.
    befor I had this beautiful accord, I was in possession of a Civic EG with B16.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Tenzo R 18 inch 8.5J rims
    Eibach lowering springs

    windows visor back
    flex lip front

    OEM navi system

    lighter flightwheel
    stage 1 clutch
  1. Succes!
    1. Honda-nl-cl9 Avatar
      succes with what haha
      Honda-nl-cl9, Wednesday 7th Dec, 2016
  2. She looks like a well kept CL9. You can record the work you do on the 'Project Log'
    1. Honda-nl-cl9 Avatar
      I am new here so i just need to learn how things going here.
      Honda-nl-cl9, Friday 28th Oct, 2016
  3. Looks like a well looked after example. Love the subtle mods and specially the number plate ;D HK FTW!
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    1. Honda-nl-cl9 Avatar
      there is still a lot to do i have this car for a year now.
      i am no busy with the wiring voor the nav system.
      and have a lot of more plans

      HK => honda Karma haha
      Honda-nl-cl9, Thursday 27th Oct, 2016
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