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  • Hi , I'm Chris and new to the site and a new owner of a Elysion 2004 grade 5 3.0 litre ,a really cool mov that I love,but I need a towbar has anyone else found one that fits ? And has any one tried the after market sat nav DVDs offered on Internet? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks Chris
  1. Hi, Chris.
    You might like to have a shifty at this unit / 'site.
    I went to an installation place in Winchester to see if they could help, but he took one look at it and said "that's a Pioneer" - but he had no access to anything similar.
    However, after hours of trawling various 'sites, I found that the later models have an Alpine unit fitted, and if you have look on their 'site you should be able to find what you need.
    It's not cheap though!
    Mind you, one company quoted me £3100.00 + VAT to make a UK satnav work in conjunction with the 'knob' on the dashboard.
    I told them the knob behind the steering wheel wasn't that dim!

    This is another good site.

    And for the more cosmetic things:
    【Buyee】 "Buyee" Japan Shopping Service | Buy from Yahoo! Buy from Japan!

    Hope you find what you need.

  2. Hi all , I now know where to get the direct fit towbar if anyone wants one and I have fitted mine and is a quality bit of kit, real simple to install,took two hours and no hassle
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      Hello. I need one, too. Would you mind sharing as where to get one, please?
      Linxmutis, Monday 15th May, 2017
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      Could any member's msg Thedogfather, please? I can't yet
      Linxmutis, Saturday 3rd Jun, 2017
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      Hi Thedogfather / Linxmutis - Looking for a Towbar also, failing miserably. Would appreciate any information you could share please. Thank you.
      radiaa, Tuesday 2nd Jan, 2018
  3. Love these things. More pics please :Smile:
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