Daily Driver Owned by DhoTjai

  • Honda Civic 1.4i City also known as the famous restricted EJ9 with 75hp from Europe.

    Color: Clover Green Pearl
    Engine: D14a3

    - airconditioning

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    I had a SRS G45 muffler with silencer, but got a hole in it. Now I am back to the old silent OEM muffler.

    - Short ram air intake
    - AEM Dryflow filter
    - SRS midpipe
    - SRS G45 (not anymore)
    - SRS Silencer / db killer (not anymore)
    - D1Spec Oil catch can
    - D1Spec voltage stabilizer
    - D16Z6 intake manifold
    - Rear disc brakes
    - Goodridge brake hose (rear)
    - Fake xenon headlight
    - LED turn signal lights (yellow - front and rear)
    - LED Fog light (white)
    - LED reverse lights (white)
    - LED cluster lights (blue)
    - 15 inch rims (tyres195/50/15)
    - Skunk2 imitation shift knob
    - D1Spec shift booth (blue)
    - Magnetic oil drain plug
    - Climair window visor
    - Blackworks Racing Lower controls arms (Imitation, they were so cheap)
    - Blackworks Racing Subframe brace (Imitation, they were so cheap)
    - Blackworks Racing Rear tie bar (Imitation, they were so cheap)
    - 4-2-1 header
    - SRS catalytic converter 200 cell
    - Password JDM heat shield
    - Skunk2 strutbar (imitation)

    Optional extras:
    - OEM power windows
    - OEM rear headrest
    - OEM Arm rest
  1. Another "old" Civic here, I like it ^^
  2. Installed some imitation lower control arms, subframe brace and lower tie bar. It took some time to figure out how to align the bolt properly.
    The hammer method did not work for the passenger side, but used a wrench to turn the lower control arm a bit. The driver side was easy, just jack up the control arm and slide the bolt in.

    The rubbers on the lower control arms are a bit off... they are not sitting straight on the lower control arm. I hope this is not going to a big problem... however I ordered some Energy Suspension bushings just in case the current bushings fail.
  3. Nice project you have. Liking your Civic.
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