Defiant's Accord Type-R
Track Project Owned by DeviateDefiant

  • A massive work-in-progress, here we go with Honda number 3. I've said many times before, that the car which first made me fall for Honda was the Accord Type-R, specially a Pre-Facelift in Pirates Black, I brought just that.

    We're down to figures in the 800s now with how many are left on the road, they have tons of rust issues, and then like any other model, a set of common faults. Not to disappoint, I have a good chunk of those myself - but she's rescue-able with a lot of work, and like my two 7th Gens I'll be documenting the journey with lots of long-winded posts and pictures.

    I picked her up dirty as hell, covered in red bull cans, McDonalds souvenirs and all sorts - once she's cleaned up I'll get some good shots up of how she stands. This girl is definitely a work-in-progress.

    Work To Complete
    • Fix freying main battery earth
    • Replace gearbox side earth
    • New knock sensor with seal, compromised and leaking
    • Fix leaking oil cooler seal
    • Cam end head seal compromised
    • Renew VTEC solenoid seal, leaking
    • Replace clutch at end of life, flywheel makes sense to be done at the same time
    • Replace clutch slave cylinder that's on its last legs
    • Bleed clutch
    • Transmission fluid replacement
    • Overhaul ancient power steering fluid
    • Engine coolant bleed for peace of mind
    • Redo badly routed brake lines touching the floor pan
    • Replace corroded fuel lines
    • New fuel filter
    • Fresh engine oil
    • Replace Halford's oil filter with genuine
    • Flush PSF
    • Bleed brakes
    • Fix offside washer jet valve
    • Rebuild/refurbish calipers.
    • Brake discs completely shot
    • Replace horrid EBC brake pads
    • Stainless steel individual brake lines
    • Bleed brakes
    • Patch-up airbox, potentially replace with CAI
    • Replace ugly multi-colour gearknob
    • Fix scuffed and snapped front lip
    • Replace both nearside doors - rust issues
    • Remove old dealer stickers, tax disc holder etc.
    • Steering rack boots are cracked
    • Fix broken nearside rear door handle
    • Replace dull/faded badges
    • Cut and polish paintwork
    • Interior Map Light LEDs
    • Replace both O2 sensors
    • Tie-rod ends have severe play
    • Tracking needs sorting
    • Upper ball-joints have a lot of play.
    • Rear nearside headlight assembly leaking
    • Seal around rear headlights to stop water leaking into boot.
    • Indicator bulbs are ancient and flashing white.
    • Replace dull HID bulbs
    • Replace severely scratched up door cards
    • Carpet cleaning for stains
    • Refurbish or replace wheels
    • Spare wheel well rust
    • Front floor pan connecting to the sub-frame corroding.
    • Bulkhead rust
    • Front drop-links and ARB
    • Clean EGR
    • Clean Throttle Body
    • Replace coilovers with stock suspension (for now, may relower later)

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    • Tein Super Street Coilovers - To Be Removed
    • K&N Typhoon Intake
    • Competition Lightweight Flywheel
    • Ferodo Premier Pads
    • Wezmoto Stainless Steel Brake Lines
    • Castrol React DOT4
    • Executive Leather Seats
    • Genuine Civic Type-R EK9 - Titanium Gearknob
    • Paint-Matched Grill
    • 6000k LED Map Light
  1. Lovely car, I've just bought one but in silver. I really wanted a pirates black one but it's hard enough finding a half decent one let alone being able to find the colour you want too.

    That's a long to do list but I love it when people bring neglected cars back to their former glory, especially all the little bits that make the car perfect.
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  2. How about you guys come over here and give mine a look over and compile me a hopefully much shorter list :Grin:
    1. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      Ahaha, well luckily you're ripping half the car out and replacing it so you shouldn't have too much to worry about - long as the chassis is sound!
      DeviateDefiant, Saturday 21st Feb, 2015
  3. A long long list too do but no doubt you will succeed. I was looking at the Type-R when I fell upon my Type-S, I like the shape of the 6th Generation for some reason and also in Silver for some strange reason as I don't like silver in any other model????
    Good luck with it mate.
  4. I would really like for you to do a check and list for me like this for stuff to replace so in tip top condition as I would even know how to locate half this stuff you have listed let alone replace it :Smile:
    1. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      Well if you meet up with me and @SpeedyGee we'll definitely give her a thorough once over. Don't get me wrong here, this list is huge because firstly, the car is badly neglected and 15 years old - secondly because I'm very OCD.

      No-one sound of mind would invest this much time and effort into a 122k car :Wink:
      DeviateDefiant, Saturday 17th Jan, 2015
  5. That's one long list there my friend ;-)
    1. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      I've always liked a challenge :Smile:
      DeviateDefiant, Friday 16th Jan, 2015