Defiant's 2.4 Facelift Type-S
Daily Driver Owned by Leo at H-Tune

  1. Awesome work done on the car, can I ask where did you get the doorstep garnish from? these are ridiculously hard to find for Honda Accord 2007
    1. Leo at H-Tune Avatar
      It's a Honda Access part and long discontinued, your only port of call is either second hand or dead stock (which is very hard tracking down).
      Leo at H-Tune, Wednesday 30th Sep, 2015
  2. How is you tune with vitviper going on?
    Do you have an e-dyno?
    1. Leo at H-Tune Avatar
      We never did put the finishing touches on the map because I started getting underway with the heavy modifications and knew I'd need to retune for it again. I never had an eDyno, the whole process in truth was really tedious, once the car's all back together with the completed mods above she'll be going in for dyno tuning.

      EDIT: But just to note, no reflection on Vit - he's fantastic and I'd highly recommend him!
      Leo at H-Tune, Saturday 4th Jul, 2015
  3. Very very nice mate
  4. Any progress with this one mate or the old girl still taking priority ;-)
    1. Leo at H-Tune Avatar
      Nothing of note bud, a couple more parts arrived and are waiting. Might be a week or two before I and SpeedyGee have a day free to get cracking though :Smile:
      Leo at H-Tune, Tuesday 17th Feb, 2015
  5. very nice build !
  6. This worries me slightly as am sat at honda now having the air bag recall done on my 2003 Type-S :-o
    1. Leo at H-Tune Avatar
      Don't you worry yourself mate, my '03 had been crashed more than once :Wink:
      Not by me!
      Leo at H-Tune, Friday 16th Jan, 2015
    2. Guy at H-Tune Avatar
      She sailed through the airbag recall no problem mate just got worried when noticed you had mentioned your 03 had died due to the airbag :-o
      Guy at H-Tune, Friday 16th Jan, 2015
    3. Leo at H-Tune Avatar
      Good to here she did just fine. The stories a lot more complicated on mine, if you want a read it's on the '03s thread :Smile:
      Leo at H-Tune, Friday 16th Jan, 2015
  7. Very nice, impressive list of mods there.
  8. That's a long list :Smile:
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    1. Leo at H-Tune Avatar
      ...and ever growing my friend.
      Leo at H-Tune, Friday 12th Dec, 2014
  9. Really nice looking Accord Type-S was looking at getting one of these but wife wanted the CR-V she won in the end
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