Dave's Accord Tourer
Daily Driver Owned by Dave

  • 2006 I-CTDI Tourer Sport, Graphite Pearl, Nav & HFT with Pentas :Smile: Now on 207,000 miles and counting... :Hey:

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Rear View Camera
    Auto Dimming Mirror
    LED Side Light bulbs
    LED Interior Light bulb

    Service History & Related Threads

    Alloys powder coated Aston Martin Anthracite.
    EGR Cleaned
    Rear Caliper replaced along with discs and pads
  1. Alloys shot blasted and powder coated :Smile:
    Another MOT success and no advisories :Smile:
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    1. MickyB Avatar
      Did you get the done at Metal Magic in Barnsley by any chance?
      MickyB, Saturday 12th Sep, 2015
    2. Dave Avatar
      No it was LCS Powder Coatings in Barnsley mate.
      Dave, Friday 18th Sep, 2015
  2. Auto dimming mirror were standard on the EX facelift models mate? Did uummmm change it?
    1. Dave Avatar
      She's not an EX mate she's a Sport with NAV & HFT.
      Dave, Monday 22nd Sep, 2014
    2. nauest Avatar
      Oo, can you retrofit the auto dim onto the pre facelift?
      nauest, Sunday 22nd Feb, 2015
    3. Dave Avatar
      Yeah you can mate easy job :Smile:
      Dave, Sunday 1st Mar, 2015
  3. Nice looking car Dave.
    Good to see that an i-CTDi can last when looked after :Thumbup:
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    1. Dave Avatar
      5,600 miles to go to the big 190k :Smile:
      Dave, Sunday 1st Mar, 2015
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