Daily Workhorse
Daily Driver Owned by ABritInNY

  • Base trim entry level Accord, reliable Daily driver commuter car. No Honda upgrades other than enhanced wear and tear coverage.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Road facing Dashcam HD DVR
  1. I'd love to see more photographs of your Accord Charlie.
    It's great to see that HUSA have made it clear to the mechanics that change the oil that they must use 0W-20. :Niceone:
    1. ABritInNY Avatar
      I'd love to post "fresher' pics than the day I picked it up, however I found myself walking into the dealership on Monday and Ordering A Black CR-V AWD and if it comes quick I'm not sue there'll be the time before my Inspection 'Turn in.'
      ABritInNY, Sunday 23rd Aug, 2015
  2. Looking good, post some pics showing all of the car :Thumbup:
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