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  • Fast, exclusive, silent, luxurious, subtle, awesome, quality, beautiful, and it's got V-TEC. What's not to like?
    Amongst motoring parlance, one often hears of the term, "magic factor X". I'm not sure exactly what this is, but The Legend is dripping with it. A fantastic car. I love it.

    I owned the Blade for 4 years and completed 36000 miles on it, mostly around Europe, including two trips to the top of Africa. It never went wrong and was fantastic to ride. Quite expensive to maintain as the tyres only lasted around 3700 miles each, and at £200 a pop it soon mounts up. The rigours of age made it increasingly uncomfortable to ride 500 mile days, so I swopped it for a Pan European ST1300. Always high quality tech from Honda. For me, I think the Blade is the best looking bike I have had the pleasure to own. In the photo, it already had 24000 miles on it.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Bog standard. It's near perfect as it is!
    It's got all the CMBS, LKAS stuff. I'm still discovering things every drive.

    Service History & Related Threads

    Full Honda history.
  1. Love the Blade colours. Bold boy too leaning her right over, hope that was on the track :Devil:
  2. Stunning car, exactly what i am looking for now and you even have the same taste in bikes but i have the naked version of the RR7.....Honda CB1000R Abs.
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  3. Hi there,
    I almost purchased this car myself but i live in Malaga, Spain. As a result I've bought a Spanish left hooker which I collect this Friday 19th Feb.
    Problem now is getting my hands on a owners manual in English.
    Great looking motor!
  4. Sweet need more pictures bud.
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