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  1. Have the assosiated O2 sensor changed its a campain and update the Ecu and all faults should be gone
  2. A 2015 model. I'd love to see more photographs of her.
  3. Thanks @FirstHonda Apart from paying several £'000s for diesel model for no apparent benefit (as yet), what has got to me is the total indifference of Honda UK. It's like dealing with customer services from the 80's; disingenuous concern, avoiding the real issues, cut and paste standard paragraphs, refusing to even contemplate that there may be a wider issue, etc.

    On a brighter note, yes, got the premium pack factory fitted and glad I did. It provides some protection when in public car parks. Black painted alloys are the fashion at the moment, but I am pleased with the ride these 18" wheels give and the design means there is some protection against curbing.
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      That's really disappointing to hear about Honda UK customer services. Keep plugging away - perhaps ask for a different case handler if you haven't already and see if that works? And of course, get straight back to your dealer when 4k miles rolls by and get it tested again...the mpg you are getting is way short of what I would have expected for a diesel, let alone the 'official' figure!
      FirstHonda, Wednesday 14th Oct, 2015
  4. It's a pity about your mpg woes @Lisbon as your CR-V is a nice looking thing. Did the side protectors come as part of the premium pack?

    Still not convinced by the design of the wheels on the 2015MY though.
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