Daily Driver Owned by Garrydhu

  • Bought this my second insight this time es European spec

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    no mods just es spec,h/s automatica/cruise/ paddle shifters

    Service History & Related Threads

    Just changed CVT/ ow 20 oil and filter
  1. Hello to all,back on Honda Karma , couldn't stay away
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  2. Thanks Garrydhu - I feel lucky to get this one, yes, two keys. Good to see yours here. They're as rare as hen's teeth in this part of the world. I know I'm still in the 'honeymoon'satage, but I do find it a delightful car to drive.
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    1. Garrydhu Avatar
      Hi c50,,,FYI,my car needs software updates,maybe 4,,,,,,forced charging going uphill,,,,not always,but contacted dealer who I bought it off,no prob ,they'll pay for updates/labour,,might be worth getting checked out ,ref your insight,updates rolled out in2012
      Garrydhu, Wednesday 9th Sep, 2015
  3. It's a great shame that Honda haven't continued with the Insight. Hopefully it will be a good choice for you - nice looking car in silver too.

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    1. Garrydhu Avatar
      Thank you
      Garrydhu, Friday 21st Aug, 2015
    2. Garrydhu Avatar
      Agree,very quirky car,here in Cork,garage importing them reports selling as soon as they get a batch in,,got my second key,so pressure off,was afraid of mislaying them,,very comfy car,as long as you drive easy,,getting the hang of it now,,hope she runs well for years,,,,,only nagging worry I have is the IMA ,,if the battery pack goes,,,big bucks to replace
      Garrydhu, Saturday 29th Aug, 2015
  4. Great forum,was on briskoda for 4/5 yes,whilst driving Felicia,fabia,very good,this is as good,maybe better
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  5. Good to see her here at last. Please add more photographs.
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    1. Garrydhu Avatar
      Will do,problem was filling out garage form on tablet,wasn't showing me any errors, so reverted to trying it on my p.c.,,,,,,bingo,and thank you,looking forward to becoming a premium member,,,,,,but not for a while,,,loan/tax,holidays next week,son starting secondary school etc,etc,,,,top of all that,job finished,,,, so pls be patient,not here to soak information for naught,and will add suggestions etc when,and if relevant.
      Garrydhu, Sunday 16th Aug, 2015
    2. Nels Avatar
      NP. Family and work come first. We all have similar issues so no one will be chasing you up. We all do what we can, when we can. Please don't think you're under any sort of pressure from here. Life is for enjoying...If we can. :Smile:
      Nels, Sunday 16th Aug, 2015