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  • Bought new in March 2007. 83k so far with absolutely no faults. 2 new tyres at 60k and 2 at 70k. Two colour leather was fitted when new and has been commented on by so many people. The patterns are stored, should anybody else want to do the same. Had reversing sensors etc dealer fitted, plus detachable tow bar from Bermick in Leicester.
  1. I don't know what happend to my original post, I asked the question, does anybody know how to change a panel light behind the heater controls. Maybe I don't know my way around the forum yet.
  2. A very striking interior. Looks very well made and fitted.:Smile:
  3. You do need to be careful when it comes to insurance though, some companies don't like mods as unusual as this. I'm with LV who seem to be happy with it.
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      I know we need to get like the US and get the aftermarket scene to take take off .. its a scam TBH. You will find so many members here not showing their cars here JUST for this reason as the insurance police are looking.
      Ichiban, Sunday 21st Dec, 2014
  4. Yes, it was Classic Car Services in Thurmaston, a family business. Not the first time I've used them. I've had the armrests done to match, since I took these photos.
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      Thanks it amazing to see something out of the box and not copied by Everyman and his dog. :Smile:
      Ichiban, Sunday 21st Dec, 2014
  5. That leather does make your CR-V stand out form the rest. Any clues who did the bespoke trim?

    Welcome to HK.
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