Daily Driver
Daily Driver Owned by Tim B

  • Type-R GT number 08007

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Interior light pack
  1. 20k on the mileage now and all standard, 2 x services running like a dream and no issues to report
  2. 100% beast!!
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  3. drive home tonight in the dark and something I never knew as the car has adaptive headlights that come on and off main beam, they worked really :Smile:
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  4. another short drive to try out the R mode, big difference:dribble: harder suspension but still bearable, stiffer steering and quicker engine response. shame you can't mix and match the settings:clap::nodding:
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  5. Awesome! Congratulations. What a car!
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    1. Tim B Avatar
      thanks , most impressed
      Tim B, Sunday 29th Oct, 2017
  6. Looking fabulous. Enjoy!
    My challenge to you, is to keep her like that.
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    1. Tim B Avatar
      do me best, ceramic coating to come
      Tim B, Saturday 28th Oct, 2017
    2. Tim B Avatar
      covered in cow shit already...LOL
      Tim B, Saturday 28th Oct, 2017
    3. Nels Avatar
      Forgivable if it is on the outside!
      Nels, Saturday 28th Oct, 2017
  7. Nice 10th Generation Type-R and a proud owner :congratulations:...
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