Daily driver
Daily Driver Owned by Frvsn05

  • FR-V 2 litre vtec se. Black interior.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Have done -
    Headrest DVD players to keep kids quiet.
    Wind deflectors.
    Number plate surrounds.

    Want to do -
    Install drl's.
    Lowered and upgrade suspension.
    Upgrade the brakes.
    Rear spoiler.
    Mugen front grille.
    Leather interior (dyed black if needed).
    Install front fogs.
    Get rid of all scratches on paintwork.
    Upgrade all lights (interior and exterior).
    Install the plasma dials.
    Install the front bloody cup holders.
    Put on the club stickers. (Have them already just to put on)

    Wow that's quite a list I've got. Better be nice to he other half.

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