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Daily Driver Owned by motorbikelover

  • daily driver good condition uprated shocks on rear auto box works fine but noisy and due to be rebuilt in the summer (if it last,s that long)

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    duel fuel fitted using brc gas conversion (system fitted when i bought the car)

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    born in bristol 12/12/2005 8 stamps in book to 112000
  1. hi you got the Jazz hybrid if so whats it like. i,v got a Jazz 1.4 2011 for my wife just have an intrest i the electric side.
    1. Ichiban Avatar
      Hi mate, I had that car for 7-8 months the Hybris Jazz is a fantastic car the weight distribution is near perfect and good handling. I was getting constant 55 MPG and above consistently on the motorway.

      The IMA motor does give a torque drive so it nit that guttless as people think it will be and I had the HX-T Model with all the toys which makes the car a superb all rounder. I would recommend the car to anyone, just superb.
      Ichiban, Wednesday 3rd Feb, 2016
  2. Looking sweet buddy.
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