Daily driver/toy
Daily Driver Owned by Wilson.84

  1. A great car, the 5th Generation Accord. Please add more pictures.
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    2. Wilson.84 Avatar
      Hi Nels iv added some new photos
      Wilson.84, Saturday 18th Jul, 2015
    3. Nels Avatar
      They're not showing up yet. Did you add them via the 'Edit' function?
      Nels, Saturday 18th Jul, 2015
    4. Wilson.84 Avatar
      Just forgot to save them should be up now
      Wilson.84, Saturday 18th Jul, 2015
  2. What kind of rim is that? It looks identical to a 94/95 GS Legend rim in every way except for the fact that it's 4 lug.
    1. Wilson.84 Avatar
      To be fair there just the 5 spoke 15s 4 lugs that come on the car that's all I know im afraid sorry couldn't be more help
      Wilson.84, Thursday 2nd Jul, 2015
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