daily Civic mb6
Daily Driver Owned by fredcivic

  • hello a few old pics of my honda Civic mb6
    i have not de recent pics just one after painting the motor

    i take a pics recent in a little day

    i finally found the front lip of vti-s ,
    rest to paint
    miss the rear lip , hard to found , if someone sale
    one spoiler Integra come in a few day
    news pics in a few days :Smile:

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    i want a project soft
    i have a wheels 17" . all exhaust system , 4 1 and catback just miss lowering and the lip vti-s kit but very hard to found ,and to last uprgade my b1
  1. hello mate you changed front splitter...
  2. thanks all :Smile:
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  3. She looks well cared for. :Thumbup:
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