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  • So my Stream has said goodbye due to having been crashed into (handbrake failure on the 3rd party car) and I have said a farewell to it:

    Before hand though I had a gut feeling that due to mileage and year of production the insurance will write the car off, so me and my better half went for a lookout for a car to replace this one with.

    Again we set out the minimum requirements for the car which were roughly like this:
    1. MUST be a Honda
    2. MUST have at least 6 seats
    3. MUST be comfy
    4. Auto gearbox is acceptable
    5. Up to 6k budget

    Quick search online and we realised that there is only a few Hondas fitting that bracket.

    We wanted something bigger than Stream though for holiday purposes and something newer/better equipped.
    We looked at the F-RV's but as much as we liked them in the past they just don't cut it for us space wise.
    On that note we turned to the imports. Elysion and StepWGN.
    Elysions throw us off with the sloping front, so the only ones left were the StepWGN's.
    We seen few in black and we loved them. They looks smart and not too big, but I didn't want a black car again because it is a PITA to keep scratch free.
    White one it is then!
    After quick look around we found one just around the corner from us in Birmingham.
    Went a viewed it. Wasn't perfect as it was rough round the corners but nothing that I wouldn't be able to sort out, so after quick service from the dealership I drove off in this:


    Things to do:
    Change the stereo as the Japanese one has a lock on it and I will not be able to read Japanese anyway :Grin: (done, just need new reverse camera).
    Change alloys as the ones on now have winter tires (done).
    General maintenance just for the peace of mind left to do.
  1. Forgot to update:

    17 in team dynamics are sitting rather pretty on her but I think the time has come to add the caps to the wheels.
  2. A real shame about the Stream, but the RG2 is a great replacement. :Thumbup:
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