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  • Daily car that takes me from A to B that I want to turn into a project car because not many people are interested in doing so, however the car has potential to turn heads and surprise a few people.

    To sum up: DaddyWagon - should I say more?

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    17 inch Team Dynamics alloys
    Steel aftermarket wheel nuts (in gold)
    Dragonball (LoL) Gearknob
    Broadway rear view mirror
    Jazz washer jets

    Wish list:

    Retrofit projectors
    Convert rear lights to LED modules - with own design and work
    Clean up bodywork (considering wrapping the car)
    Tint rear windows
    Lower on either springs or coilovers
    Short shifter
    Change interior lightning to LED's
    Change speedo/dash lights
    2 Din headunit
    Upgrade speakers
    Change the colour of roof lining / pillars
    Upgrade brakes
    Bodykit - available only from Japan/New Zealand :Frown:
    Induction kit
    2.5 inch SS exhaust system

    Ultimate dream:
    Build K24 Frank with forced induction

    Service History & Related Threads

    Serviced in October 2015 after purchase, then again in October 2016.
    Had a crash, when I rear ended a car in front of me. Still in process of mending all the damage she has taken.
  1. Interested to see how this turns out :Thumbup:
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  2. Loving the TD alloys give it a whole new look.
    1. naDiel Avatar
      Just needs some lowering done! Would love coilovers however.... My better half might not be happy about that! Unless I find some cheap used ones but shhhhh!
      naDiel, Thursday 22nd Dec, 2016
    2. MickyB Avatar
      Ah the other half, always a problem mine is just the same.
      MickyB, Friday 23rd Dec, 2016
    3. naDiel Avatar
      Well... Slowly some mods will make their way on the car... The biggest one I would love to do it stick a build K24 Frank with some forced induction under the bonnet but that is a lot of £ that I won't be able to spend after last engine swap fiasco (burnt exhaust valve rendering car useless)! Oh. And lack of space to do all the engine work myself like I always wanted to do.
      naDiel, Friday 23rd Dec, 2016
  3. A rare facelift RN3 they do look smarter than the PFL ones. Welcome buddy.
    1. naDiel Avatar
      They are rare but seen one in Coventry already by my friend's house! Not keen on the optional plastic bump strips on the doors it has!
      naDiel, Thursday 22nd Dec, 2016
  4. looks nice mate I got the pre-facelift stream keeps all posted mate
  5. Thats a really clean stream. Liking the 17" alloys. :Thumbup:
    1. naDiel Avatar
      Thank you! She is a rather ruff one to be fair with paint chipped and scratched all over the place, however for the price I picked her up I can't complain. The most important bit is that the gearbox, engine and all the other components responsible for propelling and stopping her are in great order apart from wear and tear items that being replaced slowly :Smile:
      naDiel, Wednesday 21st Dec, 2016
  6. I don't see many of these later Stream models about, but when I do I wonder why Honda abandoned the 7-Seat MPV market.
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    1. naDiel Avatar
      To be fair mate they near enough created it and then decided to abandon it in Europe! Which is a shame as they have many great offerings from that area... Like the V6 Oddysey :Aghast:
      naDiel, Wednesday 21st Dec, 2016
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