CR-X (DelSol)
Weekend Toy Owned by Samantha

  • UK VTi with electric transtop (only 441 UK VTis with electric roof were ever registered!). DOHC B16a2 engine which has been 'fettled'

    Modifications include: Enkei 15" x6.5 lightweight wheels powder coated gunmetal grey. Fully adjustable Buddy Club race suspension. Upgraded anti roll bars front and rear. Extra structural stiffening including A-frame braces behind front wings. Engine head skimmed with type-r valves/retainers and ostrich programmable ecu to remap giving smoother torque curve between lo/hi cam. Gearbox built with shorter final drive, close ratio 2nd and 3rd and LSD. Super lightweight flywheel. DC2 Type-r titanium gear knob. Lightweight rally motorsport seats with full harnesses. Internal roll bar behind seats. Upgraded (thicker) brakes all round.

    More mods but the above are the main ones and as I have built this car over many years, I cannot recall everything. I bought it when it was only just 4yrs old and it had the OEM Honda bodykit as the only modification. I added the high-level brake light pretty soon after. The rest came after my first track-day, with some mods discarded as I learned more as I went along e.g. the 17" wheels in the picture were sold and replaced with lighter 15" wheels which made a noticeable difference in acceleration in the 50-70mph times (verified with timing equipment)
  1. So jealous! Love the little Del Sol, but not enough for for all the family! Awesome looking car though, with both set of wheels on. :Smile:
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  2. More pics added ...... I know most will prefer the looks with the 17" wheels, but performance is better on 15s
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  3. Always had a soft spot for these
    Loving the oem body kit and track day shot :Smile:
    More pics needed :Smile:
  4. Hey, just got a Del Sol myself and I am very excited. Nice looking car you have there, I love the OEM body kit.
    1. Samantha Avatar
      Love mine, owned it since 1998!
      Samantha, Saturday 10th Jan, 2015
  5. No problem. We look forward to your return.:Smile:
  6. I remember coveting a metallic green one, new in the showroom floor, its good to see one is still about. I agree with Nels more photos please.
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      I'm not in the UK currently - will try to get some more pics up when I am home again :Smile:
      Samantha, Saturday 10th Jan, 2015
  7. She's a smashing EG2 @Samantha, Please post up more photographs.
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  8. Can't believe it, great to see you still have this.
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      Yes, sadly she has been off the road a fair while - nothing wrong with her just I am out of the country a lot so not had time to drive her. I need to make time to get her a full service and check over then get her back on the road. (On SORN currently)
      Samantha, Monday 29th Dec, 2014