Partner's Car Owned by karlak

  • Wifes CR-V, with Honda Towbar.
  1. Another excellent CR-V joins the ranks :clap:


    That's a mighty fine mpg result as well for a 2.2 litre automatic. :gohonda:
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    1. Nels Avatar
      Nels, Thursday 24th Sep, 2015
  2. Thought I would also add the readout from the fuel computer for the 128 miles trip home. Very happy with that.
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  3. :Thumbup:, but :morephotos:
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    1. karlak Avatar
      Can I add more photos here ?

      Sussed it.
      karlak, Wednesday 23rd Sep, 2015
    2. Nels Avatar
      Well done you. :Smile:
      Nels, Wednesday 23rd Sep, 2015
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