Daily Driver Owned by Astronomer

  1. Thank you @andy83 . Sorry for my tardy reply, I have been away 'Halloweening' for the past few days. It also gave me the opportunity of having a few long distance runs in her. She drove beautifully and not a squeak out of her. Great fuel consumption too for such a big car. I drove from (check your map lol) Armagh to Bangor (N.Ireland not Wales) on to Belfast, on to Derry, on to Buncrana (County Donegal), back to Derry, back to Belfast, back to Bangor and finally home again to Armagh, all on 40 quid of diesel.
    I'll post the few pics that I have to hand @andy83, thank you for your interest.
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    1. andy83 Avatar
      mate glad you happy with your CR-V as long as you keep her well serviced mate she will do you proud..
      andy83, Thursday 2nd Nov, 2017
  2. mate nice looking CR-V mate would like to see more pics..
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  3. Looks like a nice clean CR-V :Niceone:
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    1. Astronomer Avatar
      Both inside and out, Nels, she has been well looked after, I love her already.
      Astronomer, Thursday 26th Oct, 2017