Daily Driver Owned by richardhonda

  • Black SE NAVI Petrol Auto with DASP
  1. Haha lol , nagging won't stop. Can you add more pictures :Tongue:? Joking, i know your not getting it till the weekend. When we hear a member getting a Honda new, even we get excited. On a serious not, your CR-V looks good, shining even in the dark. Black looks good.
    Yes, you can add pictures, if you want remove, you'll have to ask the admin
    1. richardhonda Avatar
      Got it today, but it was dark when I got home :Smile: I'll try and take some tomorrow.
      richardhonda, Friday 20th Jan, 2017
    2. DrSam Avatar
      Enjoy driving and playing with the gadgets.
      DrSam, Friday 20th Jan, 2017
  2. Hopefully I can add/change images. Uploaded this partly to stop the nagging on the forum to put my car in the garage :Smile:
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