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  • This is the car I bought when I was in college. I couldn't afford a VTi, and hatch ESis are rare here, so I just bought the LSi. Also I needed an economical car. But wanted the LSi to be a bit quicker than stock.
    It is still my daily, but I also use it to make some hill runs and track days (I mean, I've never been to a track day, but I totally intend to go to a circuit...someday) so I really care about the suspension parts the most. Although, there was an engine modification to make it less slow... The stock D15B2 is just too dead.
    When I bought the car it was a bit ... erm, in bad shape, body and paint-wise. But I didn't even notice, I just wanted a car fast and grabbed this one. And then I had a few little crashes, so it's my fault too. Also the windows don't work properly. But I'm slowly making it better.
    It's usually called CoCo among friends because of the number plate (xx-xx-CO). Aaaand "cocó" means poop in portuguese. That's why the name stuck.
    People also relate this name to the song of the same name... a drug related song. Like, there's nothing good about this name, I don't even... But the windows don't open, there are no interior panels, the car is old, so COCO is kind of a good fit. But I love the car ^^

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    The modifications are:
    -Mini-me conversion (D-series VTEC head on a non-vtec block) with a D16Z6 head
    -AEM adjustable cam gear
    -Multipoint fuel injection/Z6 intake manifold
    -Air duct to bumper
    -NGK Iridium spark plugs

    -Eibach ProKit springs
    -EG5/6 front suspension arms
    -21mm front anti-roll bar
    -13mm rear anti roll bar
    -Speedline 15" wheels (came with the car already)
    -Toyo Proxes T1R tyres all around
    -Rear disc brake conversion with Brembo discs
    -D2 Racing rear lower control arms
    -Powerflex trailing arm poliurethane bushings

    -Front and rear EK seats (didn't do it, it was the previous owner)
    -Semi-stripped interior (long story... but hey, weight reduction)

    -USDM city lights on EDM clear corner lights
    -Import number plate (front)
    -DEPO USDM outter tail lights (they light up differently)
    -Brake calipers painted purple
    -purple bumper wahsers
    -aluminium radiator stay
  1. I love when car doesn't look like powerfull one :Smile: Then every streetlight race is funny :Smile:
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    1. Costa777 Avatar
      haha yea, I'm even thinking about getting an OEM "Civic LSi" sticker, so people underestimate it even more xD
      Costa777, Friday 30th Oct, 2015
  2. Hey you can always say she is least is more sweet than Coco :Laughing:

    Or CocoNuts! :Rolf:

    Well, jokes apart, I would like to have a model from 5gen as well! Like the colour :Smile:

    What do your have in mind for her in the future? What kind of mods are coming next? :Wink:
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    2. Filipa Avatar
      CocoBounty :Tongue:

      You need to do a list...and deal with priorities!! :Wink:
      Seems to be a long way ahead!! :Smile:
      Filipa, Sunday 1st Nov, 2015
    3. Costa777 Avatar
      I will do that list, later. I have the list in my head, but I don't like thinking too much about it, because then I think "ohh damn, this is gonna take some serious money and time". But I'll do that, also to know what to next (priorities, like you said)
      Costa777, Friday 6th Nov, 2015
    4. Filipa Avatar
      :Wink: like mine...I would like to get she lil bit lower but then I think.. My priority is change suspension arms and joints first :Wink: so my desire is lower my priority is looking after a good suspension condition :Wink: even coming to UK I still having this deal with money :Tongue:
      Filipa, Friday 6th Nov, 2015
  3. More pictures in the original post :Smile:
  4. erm.. I didn't want to post this, I wanted to reply to people one by one. Delete it, please :Blushing:
  5. 22 years old and still going strong. That's the beauty of Honda. :clap:
    We must find a better name for her though. It's not right to call any Honda 'poop' :Sobbing:
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    1. Costa777 Avatar
      It still goes hard, yes :Grin: I had to change some parts like bushings and bearings over the time. And once she left me on the side of the road :Frown: But only once... And then I got a revision done to her, and seemed to be alright afer the repairing.
      It's kind of a cute name, even though translated may sound bad haha. I don't know how, but poop can be cute when said in portuguese xD I would never call my car s#it! Cocó is different :Tongue:
      Costa777, Saturday 17th Oct, 2015
  6. You might have named here CoCo but I must say I like what I see.. :Wink:
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    1. Costa777 Avatar
      Thanks! Makes me blush to see people complimenting my car haha
      Costa777, Saturday 17th Oct, 2015
  7. Ahh poor CoCo has been given a bad name :Sorry:

    Lets see if she can prove you wrong by serving you well.

    Looks like you have done a fair bit to her.
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    1. Costa777 Avatar
      She's been a good girl ^^ Only disappointed me once, but I understood, we had a long conversation (jk we didn't) and now it's all good. This was a bit random. But yea, she broke down once (as I mentioned in an earlier reply), but is running well now :Smile:
      I'm planning on doing some upgrades to the rear suspension, and also replace some OEM parts and then I'll move on to the front end (needs body work) and engine (needs new piston-rings :/ )
      Costa777, Saturday 17th Oct, 2015
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