Daily Driver Owned by Hondalad

  1. I've had "PEV" for 11 years now after changing my EG for it. I've never really modded it except for a set of alloys to run 15's instead of the stock 14's it came with.

    Last year it stuggled to go through the MOT on emissions and I noticed it was smoking more and more and No.2 plug was always oily. It also had piston slap when cold so I guessed the bores were worn and the rings were passing on No.2. This year I knew it wasn't going to get through the MOT and I couldn't let it die so I decided to buy a B16A2 to swap into it. I always wanted the VTi but I would've never been able to afford the insurance back when I was younger so I settled for the D16Y7 in this.

    Since I've swapped it I've fell in love with it again and it's a pleasure to drive. I was always embarressed by how much it smoked with the old engine in and so tried to drive it as little as I needed. Next I'm going to get the front and rear bumpers resprayed as the front is stone chipped and the back bumper has always had a matt finish to it ever since I bought it where someone had done half a job on it. I've bought some EM1 wheels that need refurbing too to make it look the part. I'll upload some more pictures soon.
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