Civic VTi '96 - 4 Door
Previously Owned Owned by Norms

  1. MB6 wow! Not many of these about now. This one looks in well decent nick! :Thumbup:
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    1. Norms Avatar
      It's an even more rare 4 door EK4 mate, I've been adding my past Hondas. These pics were taken in 2004! Loved that car :Wub:
      Norms, Friday 15th Feb, 2019
    2. Matt at H-Tune Avatar
      Promise I didn't cringe and smirk at the same time as an MB owner @SpeedyGee ... :Wink: tis indeed an EK4, I used to have those wheels back when I still had 4x100 hubs, still trying to get a set for my Del Sol. I bet that was fun back in the day, when nobody really knew about faster Hondas.
      Matt at H-Tune, Thursday 21st Feb, 2019
    3. Norms Avatar
      I'll never forget after leaving a Saxo VTR at a set of traffic lights, said Saxo followed me to McDonalds to ask what it was! He wouldn't believe it was a Civic and even less so when I said our cars had the same sized engine :Laughing:
      Norms, Friday 22nd Feb, 2019
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