Civic Type-S
Daily Driver Owned by k20a3

  1. Looks mean in the black, very nice indeed.
    Glad to see you are taking good care of her too, makes us EV folk proud!
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  2. No probs, will do :Smile:
  3. One thing i wanted to know about was the mounting above the gearbox. Whilst doing the job on the steering rack i noticed a small tear in the gearbox rubber mounting. Seems to be a common issue from what i have read online. Anyway i have looked at the parts diagrams online and was trying to find out if a mount off an EP3 would fit it. But they show as different parts with honda online. I know the ep3 gearbox is different, perhaps thats why. The reason I wanted to see if it would fit was because other companies make the mounts for the ep3 at a good price but the EV1 mount only seems to come from Honda and is about £30 more than the ep3 one at about £112. Any more info would be appreciated please. I would only be replacing the rubber mount and not the whole arm its attached to.

    1. RogerH69 Avatar
      Sorry, not sure which mount you are referring to. A picture would be great. Also, it's best to post these types of questions in your Project Log page, or in the Forums for the model of your car.
      RogerH69, Monday 27th Jul, 2015
    2. BB Baboonface Avatar
      Hey bud, the EP3 mount insert should work fine, the casings for the 7th Generation K series transmissions are largely identical when it comes to the main parts, it's only the internals that differ.
      BB Baboonface, Saturday 14th May, 2016
  4. Yes I will get some more pictures soon. They are great cars. I always loved this shape ever since they were released. My dad has one too. His is a "Y" plate 1.4 model in silver.
    Thanks for the comments :Smile:
  5. YAY !!! Another EV1 !! (Not that I'm biased or anything....)

    More pictures ? Looks good so far.
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