Civic Type-R
Previously Owned Owned by SpeedyGee

  • This Civic Type-R was pretty much an impulse buy, she was one neglected motor that needed lots of TLC to bring her up to scratch. So I bought her more of a garage project than anything else.

    When I got her on the road, I found she had the dreaded notchy 3rd gear, a problem that is relatively common on these Type-Rs.
    So of course Speedy couldn't live with that and out came the gearbox, full details can be found in this thread Civic/7th Generation - Project - Fix third gear crunch EP3 Civic Type-R gearbox • Honda Karma

    Needless to say once I'd got the gearbox all fixed up and back in the car, the gear changes were once again silky smooth.

    I also had various bit of bodywork touched up, and replaced trim that was broken or missing, gave the brakes and overhaul and painted up the calipers as they were looking a little tatty.

    I kept her for a year and used her as a weekend toy. After all the TLC that I gave her she was running absolutely spotlessly. In fact she had so much power the naff low grade tyres that she came with would struggle to cope and I'd end up getting loads and loads of wheel spin. If I set off for a quick 0-60 (on a safe road) I'd get wheel spin in first, second and third gear easily. I had planned on getting her some new shoes all the way round but when the insurance quote came for the second year I decided that I just wasn't using her enough and sold her.

    I do miss her, she was crazily quick and absolutely bags of fun to drive but for my daily commute to work she couldn't match the comfort (or economy) that my Accord CL9 gives me.
  1. Miss this beast :Sobbing:
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    2. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      You won't be missing it soon as you get Roobix better than ever!
      DeviateDefiant, Thursday 27th Aug, 2015
    3. SpeedyGee Avatar
      I guess so, we need a chat mate, try and come up with a plan.
      SpeedyGee, Thursday 27th Aug, 2015
    4. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      Let's do it, I'm on Hangouts!
      DeviateDefiant, Thursday 27th Aug, 2015
  2. Prefer this Civic to the new ones. Another smashing car Speedy.
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    1. Nighthawk Avatar
      Likewise, the newer ones seem less responsive
      Nighthawk, Monday 29th Sep, 2014
  3. Remember this one, seen it few times when you worked on it.
  4. Sweet looking example there. I can see how you'd miss her. Hope she went to a good home.
  5. Briefly saw this girl in the flesh, favourite EP3 colour. Don't worry about missing the power, your CL9 will soon outpace her :Wink: