Civic FK8 Type-R GT
Daily Driver Owned by tomwillie

  1. I was timed out when editing my comments.
    The Type-R has a far superior performance to the Accord & the Prestige was slightly better, except around town the Accord was mostly happy in 6th gear where as Type-R & Prestige require 5th gear.

    The Type-R is vanity purchase unless you are prepared to put winter wheels & tyres on for November through to March.
  2. Just seen this comment.
    The 2.4EXi manual Accord I had was a superb Motorway car but a bit of a tank around town.
    At the time I also had an S2000 & so px’d the Accord for a 1.8 SR i-VTEC SR manual Civic. The Civic was more suitable for local journeys.

    The Type-R in Comfort Mode has a noticeably firmer ride than the Accord and slightly firmer than S2000’s I have owned.
    Fuel consumption at about 33mpg is slightly better than the Accord.

    The Type-R is a superb drivers car with very comfortable seats, if you are not fat, & the rev matching for downward gear changes is excellent. I only changed my Prestige for a Type-R after my wife fully retired as if weather is bad or cold I can use here CR-V.

    The well maintained Prestige I px’d for my Type-R for is still for sale at Marshall Honda Scarborough & would be a good replacement for an Accord.
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  3. nice car and colour you have

    how do you rate this car compared to your old accord you had, the K24. im just wondering what the difference is, as i drive the older accord
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