Civic EX 1.8 LPG
Previously Owned Owned by tee

  • Civic FK2, owned for just over a year. The versatility of this car is a huge selling point. The way the seats fold up and down makes it a truly user friendly car. And being economical on petrol, coupled with a reasonable tax band, this car really is a good all rounder.

    I had it on LPG (as you would expect by now) :Wink: and the economy was pretty epic. It lacked the power but it more than made up for it in comforts with everything from sat nav to auto headlights.

    I didn't do many mods on this one as it wasn't intended for that use.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    LPG kit
    Headlight tint
    A few interior upgrades
  1. She looks like she's lost her teeth in the last pic LOL
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    1. tee Avatar
      Haha! Call it dental surgery :Wink:
      tee, Tuesday 6th Jan, 2015
    2. Ichiban Avatar
      What's up doc ?
      Ichiban, Tuesday 6th Jan, 2015
  2. She looks in fine form. It's good to see owners taking care of their Hondas. A little TLC goes a long way.
    Thank you for adding her to the Club Garage.
  3. Looks like a speedy install is that :Wink:
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    1. tee Avatar
      Who would've guessed! Haha! Of course this is a @SpeedyGee special!
      tee, Tuesday 6th Jan, 2015
  4. Nice tidy LPG install ! Give the person who did that install a pat on the back ! :Grin::Whistle:

    No mods ? why are you're headlights looking all tinted ? :taunt:

    Aye she served you well. She went quietly ... I didn't even know when you sold her Lol
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    1. tee Avatar
      Yeah, I still found a few things I wanted to tweak :Grin: the headlight tint made it look a bit more beefy I think.
      tee, Tuesday 6th Jan, 2015
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