Civic Eu8
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  • The wife's car and general family work horse. Bodywork could do with some attention in places. Might get round to it on day Lol
  1. The most specious Honda ever made along with Jazz, I would even say in that size chassis and body this is probably the most specious and comfortable in the world. We owned same model but 2003 for five years and traveled all over the UK (John o Groats to Land's End) and the rear seats are the best for long journeys. That's my personal experience and opinion others may differ.

    Love the color.
  2. I'm starting to see a pattern here! :Unknown:
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  3. Speedy I still have a brand new alloy with Tyre for the EU8 you interested in it? plus a full service kit and k&n panel filter.
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      I'll drop you an IM, CJ
      SpeedyGee, Tuesday 30th Sep, 2014
  4. For a family work horse, she looks darn good after a wash. :Wink:
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