Civic 1.6 Executive Shed
Previously Owned Owned by moob

  • Bought this for a cheapo runabout. It cost me £800. It smells of tobacco sometimes. Optional extras - go faster stripes
  1. Fine looking car you've got there Moob. :Thumbup:
    1. moob Avatar
      Lol yeah thanks. I didn't take any snaps of all the dings and dents.
      moob, Sunday 24th Aug, 2014
  2. Bangernomics but it's not a banger! Nice motor for the money :Grin:
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  3. I didnt know they made go fast Stripes for the 7th Generation! lol looks in good nick @moob
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    1. moob Avatar
      I'm gutted you only gave me 4 stars mate. I spent a couple of hours polishing that turd.
      moob, Monday 25th Aug, 2014
    2. Ichiban Avatar
      Finger slipped those gofast strips did me.LOL
      Ichiban, Tuesday 26th Aug, 2014
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