Civic 1.6 Executive Shed
Previously Owned Owned by moob

  • Bought this for a cheapo runabout. It cost me £800. It smells of tobacco sometimes. Optional extras - go faster stripes
  1. Bangernomics but it's not a banger! Nice motor for the money :Grin:
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  2. I didnt know they made go fast Stripes for the 7th Generation! lol looks in good nick @moob
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    1. moob Avatar
      I'm gutted you only gave me 4 stars mate. I spent a couple of hours polishing that turd.
      moob, Monday 25th Aug, 2014
    2. Ichiban Avatar
      Finger slipped those gofast strips did me.LOL
      Ichiban, Tuesday 26th Aug, 2014
  3. Fine looking car you've got there Moob. :Thumbup:
    1. moob Avatar
      Lol yeah thanks. I didn't take any snaps of all the dings and dents.
      moob, Sunday 24th Aug, 2014
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