Civic 1.3 S
Previously Owned Owned by SpeedyGee

  • This was my very first car, a twin carbed 1.3 litre 3 door Civic. A very nippy car indeed, use to love getting under the hood (which incidentally was front hinged). It sure got me hooked on Hondas and got me into car mechanics in a big way.

    I owned for 2 years, treated her to a full respray. I also had various incarnation of bass boxes, speakers and head units installed, as in those days I use to install ICE systems for other people, so my car was like experiment for various setups and different components.
    I absolutely loved this car and have some very fond memories attached to it :Wink::Whistle:

    Right, now to the pictures ... I don't actually have any pictures of my own Civic, so I've attached pictures of Civics that look similar :Ermm:

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    • Full respray
    • ICE system, with various different bass boxes in the boot (hey I was wee teenager at the time Lol)
    • Alarm with immobiliser and central locking
    • Alloys refurbed by myself
  1. I must say, I miss the simplicity and the fun of the more the cars from this era from Honda and another jap car manufacturer. Before health and safety execs stuck their noses in, they were just fun. Pure and simple fun.
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  2. Do you know what the engine code and chassis code was CJ ?
  3. I do love those twin carb Civics