Civic 05 'Miko'
Daily Driver Owned by TheGreatDane

  • Bought just barely a month ago for use of daily commuting to my new workplace.
    My father has always had a fascination for Honda's, from his first 00' Honda Accord Type-R, to his 00' Honda CR-X and two Civic's (8th Generation 1.8 Diesel and Type-R) and I have had the pleasure to drive the latter three ones. He's always spoken well of Honda, and I knew that when it came around to me finally getting my first car, it would have to be a Honda. Well, it finally happened! This one is a real pleasure to drive. I bought it with the intention of commuting, but I wanted a decent engine size for long drives outside of the UK as well, and I thought the 1.6 would be great for this. It's got some age to it, but overall, it has been kept really well as far as I can tell.
    Prior to buying it from the dealership, I asked to take it to a mechanic to look it over, and he found a couple of small things that needed attention. The dealership fixed all of this prior to me buying it. Some of the work that was done includes:
    - Two new front tires
    - New battery
    - New wipers
    - New window seal driver side
    - Full MOT

    I have since changed the air filter to a K/N as well.
    There are still a couple of things that needs some attention, these I may or may not do myself, which will depend on the difficulty (since I have close to no mechanical knowledge):
    - Oil filter
    - Fuel filter
    - Spark plugs
    - Pollen filter
    - Wheel caps. Need some new ones. Advice on which size I need is much welcome. Have tried getting them off with a screwdriver, to no avail. But two are missing.
    - A/C is whistling ever so slightly now and then, will look into getting a refill/fix
    - 12V is a bit dodgy, so will probably replace.
    - Fog light driver side has got a leak somewhere.
    - Wheels needs rotating, as there is definitely some unevenness when driving.
    - Possibly consider replacing brakes (I don't know how long they are supposed to last)

    And maybe in the far future when the money's right for it:
    - Repaint car to metallic orange
    - New black wheels

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    K/N Air Filter
  1. Nice Civic, mate and welcome!
  2. Very tidy, congratulations on finding such a nice example.
  3. Looks like she is in good nick, lovely car
  4. I think that colour really suit her. Not so sure about metallic orange?
  5. Wow the bodywork looks immaculate.
    You're father has had some nice Hondas and it's good to see the Honda bug has bitten yourself too.

    I'd be tempted to replace a few of those rusty parts in the engine bay :Smile: