chrispikes Accord
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  • Black Honda Accord! Needed something diesely and full of toys to replace my poverty spec Citroen C5!

    Amazed to find a diesel engine better than a PSA one, with the added bonus that the toys actually work! (well most of them do on mine!)

    Modifications & Optional Extras

  1. Great looking Accord :Smile:

    Good to see you came over to the jap side :Smile:
    The little fixes shouldn't be too difficult to sort out as long as the engine is running well
    1. Chrispike Avatar
      Seems ok to me! Just had it serviced too and nothing too worrying on there! Tires mostly :Frown:
      Chrispike, Sunday 31st Aug, 2014
  2. Thank you Nels and DeviateDefiant, got lots of tidying up to do before I start actually fiddling with things!

    Needs a good polish, want to get a few spots on the dash repaired, seats refurbished. Sat Nav fixed, cup holder fixed, top display fixed, change the wheels, add some useful tools to the boot, get a locking wheelnut key.

    Just a few bits then!
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  3. Nice looking FL you've got there Chris.
  4. You should take a look at @intruder's car (another black Facelift) for some modding inspiration :Smile: Once you start...