Chloe Civic
Daily Driver Owned by DirteeSouth

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    K&N Gen 2,
    Piper Stainless Manifold,
    Piper Sports Cat,
    Piper Stanless resonated Mid Section,
    Piper 6x4 Oval Back Box,
    Lowered 35mm front 40mm rear
  1. Very nice indeed :morephotos:
  2. Nice EP3, what shows do you do normally?
  3. That's a lovely looking EP3 @DirteeSouth ! You must have a looked after her well to hit the big 200K mark :Smile:
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    1. DirteeSouth Avatar
      I service her every 3k miles mate.
      She has spent most of her life on weekend track days yet still pulls beautifully :Smile:
      DirteeSouth, Sunday 5th Feb, 2017
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    2. DirteeSouth Avatar
      Yeah mate. I use her everyday 40miles to work and 40miles back. Plus travel around the country for events and shows ect.
      I've stopped tracking her now though :Wink:
      DirteeSouth, Sunday 5th Feb, 2017
    3. andy83 Avatar
      mate my stream has the k20 in and got over 171,000 on her so nice to see another Honda with high miles...
      andy83, Sunday 5th Feb, 2017
  4. Nice! And wow 200miles on the clock. How long you owned her?
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    1. DirteeSouth Avatar
      Shes now on 202,000 miles :Smile:
      DirteeSouth, Sunday 5th Feb, 2017
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