Daily Driver Owned by chandler

  • daily Driver at the minute. B18 engine swap and rebuild done by myself.
    Owned the car now for 6+ years so a long term project

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Meister R Suspension, Works Seeker CX wheels, black DC2 recaro's with custom rails, S2000 Cluster and custom Cluster surround, Nardi steering wheel, ClimairUK wind deflectors, K-tuned Short shifter AT Power ITBS, AEM stand alone with AEM COP and lots more
  1. Looks absolutely superb. I have a soft spot for estates as my first car was an escort estate.
  2. Indeed, that is PERFECTION. Beautifully done Aerodeck.
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  3. Some nice mods on this, I like it !
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  4. @chandler :dribble:
    What can I say? It's beautiful!
    Stunning car, stunning colour. You done anything to the interior?
    1. chandler Avatar
      thank you @DrSam, ye i have got black DC2 recaro's, S2000 speedo and custom made speedo surround, Nardi wheel, Wink mirror, K-tuned short shifter. i'll upload a picture now if i can find one
      chandler, Monday 16th Jan, 2017
    2. DrSam Avatar
      DrSam, Monday 16th Jan, 2017
  5. she shines mate looks awesome ...:vtec::gohonda:
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    2. andy83 Avatar
      yw mate bet your proud of her !!!!
      andy83, Sunday 15th Jan, 2017
    3. chandler Avatar
      i am mate, got a few more parts coming in the next few weeks, then i can begin with my next engine swap :Grin:
      chandler, Sunday 15th Jan, 2017
    4. andy83 Avatar
      sounds good mate and she looks worth being spent on...
      andy83, Sunday 15th Jan, 2017
  6. show us more pics mate...
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    1. chandler Avatar
      didn't realize i could upload more than 1 pic. have put some more up
      chandler, Sunday 15th Jan, 2017
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