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  • This is my old CBR600RR-3 race bike, out of all the bikes I’ve owned I have to say this was my favourite and was the one I consider the best build quality.

    I used it to race between 2006 & 2009 and had a fair bit of success on it, winning the EMRA 2006 Roadstocks championship unbeaten and then going on to come 2nd in the Hottrax 1000cc Endurance Championship.

    Over time it was rebuilt and had various colour schemes due to crash damage but I have to say this Red Bull scheme was my favourite, but sadly succumbed to crash damage too L

    None standard part on it when I sold it were;

    PVM Wheels

    Wavey Discs

    Ackropovic Full race Exhaust

    Slipper clutch

    Quick Shifter

    QA throttle

    Brembo mater Cylinder

    Renthal alloy sprockets with 520 chain

    K-Teck revalved and weighted suspension front

    Ohlins rear shock

    Ohlins Steering damper

    Clip on’s

    Rear sets
  1. Mmmmm.....nice wheels :dribble:
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  2. :Whistle::Whistle::Whistle::Whistle::Whistle::Whistle::Whistle::Wub:

    Love it that is all.
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  3. I'm not a bike guy, but she's a beauty. Congrats on all the previous awards.
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