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  • Launched a thousand years ago before the CBR900 Fireblade, but was an excellent long distance tool.
    Known to bike reviewers as the ford sierra of motorcycles, due to its 'jelly mold' styling.
    I got with a 4 - 1 exhaust system previously fitted, with a slip on 'loud' end can.
    Good seat, perfect for twos up
  1. Even from early 90`s it still looks perfectly and runs great :Smile:
  2. aka the 'flying fridge'! My instructor had one and it was indeed a trusy steed :Smile: Always looked so comfy and seemed so refined compared to the two strokes we were trying to ride.
  3. Aaaaaaah, one of my first loves! :Wub:
    The NSR's left a bit of an impression on me too.
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  4. Hi
    Loved that old cbr. Had a red one there's a picture of it somewhere on this forum.
    Turbine smooth power plant.
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