Daily Driver Owned by Frvsn05

  • Bought as a welcome back to Scotland present. (by myself).

    It's my daily driver and My first Civic. Don't know why it took so long to buy one.

    Is pretty much standard but probably won't be for much longer.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Have done
    Wind deflectors fitted
    Aluminium gear knob fitted
    Leather gear gaitor fitted

    Want to do
    Civic Type-R alloys
    Type-R colour coded spoiler
    Upgrade radio
    Install footwell lights
    Upgrade all bulbs. (inside and out)
    New exhaust system
    Number plate surrounds.
    Maybe flip my front number plate
    New air filter system
    I will need to add club stickers as well (would be rude not to)

    That's all I can think of right now. Any other ideas let me know.

    Service History & Related Threads

    Full comprehensive service history carried out by honda. All mots done at a honda approved garage. So she has been well looked after.
  1. OK have ordered interior bulbs and some nice bright exterior lights. Also a set of fog light protectors. Hopefully they all come soon so I can get them on lol.
  2. That's great I might just do that.

  3. Like it. Nice Type-S, with the correct engine :Wink:.
    You can have a look at my wife's orange Civic in the garage, she's got a Type-R look-a-like spoiler and alu doorsteps.
    I also did a major uprade for the radio in my Accord. All is detailed.
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